Reclaim your Intimacy

What do you desire?

Many women say they rarely experience desire for sex. Yet, when they do engage in sexual activity, they say they enjoy it. Is desire necessary before sex? Or, can it come later? Let’s discuss the reasons for lack of sexual desire or why and how it changes.

Maca: A Powerful Aphrodisiac?

Heard about Maca? What to find out why it has been called the "might food of the gods"? Intrigued to see why it's in our products? Find the answers to all the secrets here. Simply it's a powerful herbs to boost your libido and reduce stress. 

Keys to regeneration: Powerful Ingredients

In total, 75% of menopausal women complain of vaginal atrophy, caused by the reduced level of steroid hormones. Here, we explain the the powerful ingredients found in our Rejuvenate Intimate Cream and how they can help you reclaim your intimacy.


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